Paraglider in australia with Kangaroo

Kangaroo Attacks Paraglider in Australia

Yes, you heard right a kangaroo has attacked a paraglider landing near Canberra Australia.

This is a very bizarre occurrence although if you are an Australian not that unheard-of really. Kangaroos are known to be territorial from time to time especially for the larger males that can cause significant damage by kicking with their feet.

What is a little more strange for this encounter though is that this was a paraglider with a large wing above his head and you would think that this would have scared away a kangaroo rather than prompted it to attack like that.

Is it normal for Kangaroos to attack Paragliders in Australia?

Well no not that we are aware of.

Kangaroos can be aggressive and can actually be quite dangerous, but this is quite rare.

And its even more rare for that to happen to a paraglider especially one that has just landed.

The Landing Area


Where the pilot landed in this video is a place called the Former Orroral Valley Tracking Station. All the equipment and buildings were removed many years ago and now all that remains is the concrete slabs where they once stood.

The Paraglider in the video actually landed on one of the concrete slabs where the large radio antenna dishes once stood.

It was previously a deep space tracking station used for communication with spacecraft like the Apollo moon landers and Voyager spacecraft. Really a very historic location.

Very fitting then that there is now another viral video that has come from the location.

Don’t be afraid of Australia

For everyone that has the saying “everything in Australia is trying to kill you” and this video is just further proof of that fact.

Calm down alright… things like this happen all the time all around the world. Well not with kangaroos.

But Paraglider pilots find themselves in situations like this all the time around the world with other animals, eagles, people and just in bad situations with weather and landing zones.

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